LibraryH3lp presence API trick

Today I was developing a new header design to match our new LibGuides color scheme. While trying to design something simple, I also wanted it to be functional. I really liked the idea of putting a live chat link in the header, but couldn’t use PHP like our normal site does because, well, most of our external sites only use HTML pages. Continue reading

Hello again.

It has been quite some time since I’ve had a chance to update this blog. Partly because I’ve been working on finishing my Master of Science in Information Design & Technology, preparing my tenure portfolio, and teaching a graduate class in for the University at Buffalo’s Department of Library & Information Studies. So, I let this blog slip. Now that most of that work is done, it’s time to pick up the pieces and create some great posts. Here are a few topics I’m contemplating writing:

Stay tuned.

Technology Tools for Library Managers: A SUNYLA2012 presentation

On June 8th I gave a 20-minute technology talk on tools that help me with my day-to-day job. Here are the highlights:

  • Inbox Zero
    1. I’ve learned to trust the search mechanism in my email.
    2. My “deleted items” folder serves as a place for items I know I’ll only need for less than 10 days.
    3. Listservs have archives. I’d much rather search the archive than store 30 emails on one topic.
  • Evernote – You can watch a video introduction to learn more.
    • Anything that I would keep in email just to reference I have now moved to Evernote.
  • File Syncing – You install a program on your computer and can access your files from anywhere. There are three main options:
    1. SugarSync – 5GB of free space
    2. DropBox – 2GB of free space
    3. – 2GB of free space
  • Remember the Milk – To-Do list with text-message reminders!

Lastly, just before putting this presentation together I came across a series of productivity flowcharts with links to tasks, articles and videos by Simply Business. I’ve linked them at that cover collaboration, travel, email, meetings, and workload. I highly recommend giving them a peek.